Lead Vocal

         The Boss





Backing Vocals


Alto & Tenor




Founding member of the band, Marc has been gigging across the UK for over 20 years. , Marc decided to start a tribute band with a vision of being as authentic to Madnesss to keep people on the dance floor all night. Music is a large part of Marc's life. As well as singing, Marc enjoys doing an online radio show, Marc's love of live music and instruments allows him to bring his heart to the stage in every gig, as well as his dodgy dance moves!



Richard has been playing the keyboard since the age of 5 and performed his first music show at the age of 16. There are many eras of music that Richard enjoys, with his favourite artists being Cliff Richard and the Shadows, The Beatles and The Carpenters. His love of music is widely spread across the eras and this is shown in his musical talents, Richard now has 25 years of experience in music and being part of Ultimate Madnezz enables Richard to explore the genres of music he loves the most, with the added bonus of great energy and banter between the other band members.


Josh was first introduced to the saxophone when he was a young teenager and has never stopped playing since, Josh graduated with honours in classical saxophone from Birmingham Conservatoire in 2018, He is the soprano saxophonist  in the award winning Avesta saxophone quartet and was a featured artist at the 2018 international saxophone congress in croatia.since the Josh has found the love for Ska and Reggae music and says " hes honoured to be part of Ultimate Madnezz"













Kieran has been playing bass for over 10 years and has been in many bands over that time. He has now filled the void that was missing over the last few months by joining 6appeal in December. He thinks playing with this band makes him feel human as when you see him perform you will see he is in a world of his own on another planet maybe. Kieran is a private person and the quietest in the band he just likes to Chillax and eat his vegetables whilst waiting to get in the groove performing with the band of a dozen genres.



Simon, has been annoying peoplewith a wide variety of musical instruments since the age of 9.

Following a 15 year stretch when he attempted to play music by night and programming computers by day he decided to become officially unemployable by studying jazz trumpet at the Birmingham conservatoire. Amazingly he graduated and has since terrorised unsuspected audiences with his less than smooth jazz stylings. His appearance with Ultimate Madnezz allows audiences to hearwhat some have called his golden larynx, not to mention is perculiar dancing.



Nick is a self taught multi instrumentalist who put his passion for music aside to raise a family. Now hes back on the scene with a bang having the time of his life acting up as a nutty boy. His other passions are watching his son and daughter play football and going to the gym, so its not just all work ,he does have sometime for play.  Will you see him with same guitar on stage? as the rest of the band think he has a small problem with his high end collection of guitars.


Lead Guitar







Bass Guitar

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